The place have undergone several times, over the years, improvements and renovations that have led to the current configuration that offers familiarity and tranquility. you can taste our homemade and genuine cuisine, with simple peasant and seafaring flavors as the “Cilento Tradition” wants.

Our cuisine, mainly based on fish, managed directly by the owner, who personally chooses all the raw materials, from fish purchased directly from local fishermen to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, coming from traditional crops vat to pasta, coming purely from renowned Regional artisan pasta factories, makes this structure exemplary compared to certain traditions of our territory.

Tasting typical Cilento specialties

In the morning you can enjoy our rich and nutritious breakfast buffet oriented both on sweet and salty, where you can taste typical local specialties and sweets deriving from the renowned tradition of Neapolitan pastry.

At dinner in a totally different atmosphere, seeing the sunset from the windows of the restaurant, our first and second courses will be served with table service, cooked with simplicity and passion, simple dishes of the Cilento and regional tradition, full-bodied and rich recipes of history and local culture, there is no shortage of all the vegetables of the Mediterranean tradition in tempting and healthy combinations.

Traditional cuisine is flanked by the possibility of choosing the preferred wine accompaniment, through a wine list (strictly Campania cellars), in particular from the Cilento area, personally selected by our staff who offers a complete choice for all tastes.

The dining room staff, always ready to recommend dishes and available to fulfill all your requests, contributes to the completion.